Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
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Friday, May 4, 2012

Home made in America.....

Here's Daniel with his home brewed 'Motor Driven Cycle'...or is it a moped because it has pedals?

Anyway...take one J.C. Higgins frame, a motor from China, some assorted bicycle parts and some really groovy red tires....and some skillful assembly...and you too can connect with your inner Rollie Free.

Zoom Zoom!

The afore-mentioned Mr. Free

Speaking of home Scotland, The staff at the Cub Mag came through . 
The first Cub Mag arrived with a T-shirt and cool coffee mug. Here's a shot from the 'Shameless promotion' department.  It's a great read and fits into my mini laptops carrying case perfectly. 

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  1. Crackin' Larry! Thank you so much for your promotions of The Cub Mag, can you get someone else to sign up over there? Just one more....sitting on 99 and to get to the 100 would be magic! Who will it be....