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Pete and Laz
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Rebel's on bikes...and stuff you find sorting parts...

Fonzi and Dean
Chewing gum trading card 
Collect all 44 and have a poster
Still have 2 of these

 Don't laugh, a 350 Honda twin won that Baja  race...

Wanted one of these for my first bike
Still have several of them in various states,of repair that is....
Late '68, 15 years old  on a '69 Cl-175k3. Wanted a 750, got a 175.
While sorting parts for the Triumph projects, came across this stuff, what do they call it on "Antiques Roadshow"? Ephemera. Yeah, pretty amazing stuff like this survives at all. The James Dean shot is a post card I picked up at the Steinbeck Museum in Salinas a couple of years ago. He's on his 1955 Triumph.  In the museum they have the old Chevy pickup/camper that Steinbeck traveled around the US in, with his dog Charlie. "Travels with Charlie" was the inspiration for my blog title of course. Have had the "Fonz" card forever, don't remember where I picked it up at. The other cards picked up at a swapmeet somewhere...Don't know who that skinny kid on the candy orange Honda is...oh ok, it's me...about 50-60 pounds lighter...and well yep...about hundred years ago...


  1. Jeez....didn't realize that made trading cards like that back in the old days....'course being out of the country for many years didn't help much either.

    It's wild going through back issue of old bike mags and seeing the ads from back then....products that are no longer available, dealers that are no longer in business, the fashions that you try to forget about and hopt that NOBODY has a pic of you looking like thta and of course, the prices that seem dirt cheap then compared to now.

  2. Cards and things like that are great things to jog the old, not so old in my case ;-), grey matter, they can take you right back to a point in time that was long forgotten....
    Pics from the past...... this old Facebook thing seems to have made a few of me from the 80s appear, for better or worse....saying that its sometimes good looking back at what you've been caught doing.....

  3. .......or at a show trying to keep a staright face while yer mates are taking the mickey ;)

  4. Packed away somewhere I still have a lot of old bike mags. It'll be fun to go through them. And also old pics somewhere as well, some "action" shots of the CL 175 K3, and some of the other bikes. Update on the Kawa camshafts from a couple posts back, turns out they are Andrews 2X cams. Suitable for use with stock pistons and valve springs. Supposed to be comparable to a Yoshimura "Road and track" cam. No need to carve on the head to fit them. I believe somewhere I have some wilder cams (unless my brother "borrowed" them...)