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Pete and Laz
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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cleaning shop, and cleaning blog...

With the new year in, comes my resolutions...time to spend more time with and riding bikes...and time to shake out the old blog and do some cleaning here. Will start with the blog links here. I'm going to add some, and delete some. Been noticing that Facebook and Instagram have been sucking the life out of some blogs...which I see as a sad thing...I have accounts at those places too, but am going to keep blogging. I suppose it's the ease with which those places are for "ínstantly" posting whatever....but I still enjoy checking out the blogs....where it seems I see more interesting and thoughtful writings than at those other, be that as it may one of the first I'm adding is "" . I met Denis at a gas station a few years back when he was gassing up an old green Suzuki 50.

I snapped this pic of him...

We got into a quick conversation about bikes...he was talking about Moto Meeto, a local group of guys that meet up a few times a month...I thought he was referring to the Moto Melee, a once a year Northern California ride...that I have tried and failed to participate in a few times. Next time I saw him was when he drove by on an old I followed him to where he was living at the time, and got to have another quick bike discussion. Since then I see him and his pops, another motorcycle loving individual, and several others we all know on a semi regular basis at one of the local Starbucks caffeine stations. Great group of guys...wide variety of motorcycle interests. Denis runs a car shop and earns a living with that. His bike shop is for him and his bikes, and is pretty impressive. Check out his site, and his Instagram (brokenmotorcycle) for a look at some local California motorcycle stuff.

If this is what I think it is, it's a short video of Denis on his three speed Trail Bronc BSA Bantam D-18.

BSA Trailbronc D-18

Tank detail...a rare stateside model...I've only seen two...and just happen to know both owners.

Sooooo...consider this a WARNING! WARNING!  Inactive blogs are at risk of deletion!!! Well, at least from my link thingy over there...                                                                                             
Hmmmmm not sure what happened there...not even sure if I could duplicate it again.... 

Most of you are safe...might have to contact a few of you first....I'm not that mean...Good day! 

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