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Pete and Laz
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Thursday, December 24, 2015

2016...ready or not... Happy New Year!!

Decided to launch this post I have a busy Holiday schedule ahead...and it would get lost in the shuffle, Happy New Year Bloggers!

Yep, it's been 16 years now....and I think I'm finally getting used to seeing a '20', instead of a '19' a century marker. Hanging out at one of the local coffee shops with free wifi the other day, I got into a discussion with Dennis about sidecars. Lately I've been missing having an operational outfit. I have a couple of sidecar frames that are missing their bodies...(for some reason in Sacramento, there are sidecar body thieves.) ...I have one that I bought for it's classic cigar shaped body. Yep, some one broke into a storage unit and stole the fiberglass body. Another frame I purchased from a fellow enthusiast that was relieved of his body.  

All the following pics were snagged from the web while doing a bit of research with Dennis. I'm thinking about attempting to build a body similar in design to the newer silvery Beemer below. Dennis is of the opinion that it would be just as easy to build a 'Zeppelin' style body, of course being a fabricator in sheet metal gives him the confidence I'm lacking in trying that out as a first body project.

Clever photoshop work? or just another farmer combining work and pleasure?

This ones been all over the web, do you think there is a factory somewhere in South America making VW van bodies for carnival rides....?

Another photoshop job, or a top secret Chinese Army project?

I like this one a lot, and think I could replicate a similar body style.

The Zeppelins are nice, but it would be more problematical for me to mount a body like this on a more conventional sidecar frame.

For those of you on the other side of the big pond, Sideburn Magazine has announced "Snow Quake" the Italian Alps...check it out at Sideblog.

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