Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sidecarcanoes, step one...acquire a canoe.

Years ago a friend and I had bikes with sidecars...actually we still have them...they just haven't been in use for awhile. Ahem...truth be told between us there are about a dozen of the things...a couple are missing bodies. So...we used to sit around drinking coffee, and design 'Saloon' camping bodies and 'boat' bodies...on napkins...and occasionally in a sketch book.

Recently when 'The Vintagent' posted some pictures of old canoe carrying rigs, and started expressing a desire to build one , it got me thinking about building one. The canoe I bought from a friend for 15 dollars. He found it submerged at a river marina he was working at. Apparently abandoned, his boss let him take it. After cleaning a few years worth of algae is now seaworthy once more..

I have a nice suspended British made sidecar frame...that was 'relieved' of it's beautiful cigar shaped body ( a few years back there was a rash of sidecar body thefts...which still make no sense). they say...the race is on...who will concoct a sidecarcanoe first? To be continued....

Speaking of 'The Vintagent' , here are a couple of screenshots from Paul's Instagram of the aforementioned Sidecarcanoes. 

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