Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
Yeah, Pete it's rough...but it's a runner.

Friday, June 12, 2015 the Sacramento Mile.GNC races Saturday

A better view of Sammy Halbert's new bike...a  Briggs Racing Kawasaki.

Sammy before the races, during the open paddock time, greeting and talking to his fans. He is really one of the nicest guys out there. Got myself a new T-shirt, with the old XR-750 on it, guess they haven't made up any Kawa ones yet. That's ok, I still like XR 750's.

I met Samantha and Dennis outside the race track, getting ready to go for some lunch. They drove all the way from Wyoming on their KTM 1190 Adventurer to see the Sacramento Mile.

This year the Mile race didn't coincide with the last day of the State Fair as it has in the past. So...didn't have to work through hordes of Fair goers to get to the track...and I don't think I missed getting any 'cotton candy' or 'deep-fried Mars Bars". Did miss the fireworks though...that's always fun.

From here no particular order are scenes from the 'pits' or 'paddock'...
First up some Triumphs...I'll try to get back and attach racers names...but I'll have to look them up on the program..


A stock Ducati Scrambler...after reading what Tim had to say about these at the 'Loveless' blog...I better stay out of the dealerships. So much lighter and powerful compared to a Triumph Bonneville...and cheaper too! At least in the UK.

A more front on shot of Sammy Halberts main bike...a Kawasaki twin.

XR 750 Harley Davidson

Kawasaki Twins


view from the stands looking toward turns one and two. (or as Tim calls them, 'corners')

Looking from the stands back towards the paddock ( or as Yanks used to call them, 'pits')... a bit out of focus. In the distance is the ambulance that has just picked up Troy Bayless who unfortunately had a run in with the air fence and injured one of his legs. Fortunately, they do have air fencing.

Ran into these guys after the main was over and the 'Open Paddock' began...Gary Inman from Sideburn magazine...and French photographer and  motorcycle racer Dimitri Coste. That slightly snockered chubby dude in the middle, is myself... sporting my new Sammy Halbert T-shirt. They were here in Sacramento to watch the Sacramento Mile....and on Sunday:

They raced these bikes at the Vintage Mile, put on by CFTA (California Flat Track Association) The 1967 Triumph is Dimitri's ...Known as OSFA (one size fits all) . The Yamaha is a loaner Gary raced...but more on the Vintage Mile later.

Some times I think I have this blogger stuff figured out, but having troubles with video tranfers at the, this might be the point to go ahead and hit the publish button. I'll get back and try again on the vids. Next installment will be about the Vintage Mile on Sunday.

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  1. A friend of mine used to run the flat tracks back in the day. He's almost seventy now and I've seen him u-turn his big Harley in twelve feet while talking on his cell phone! He's still fearless, and not to be trifled with.
    Love the old twin carb XR's.