Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
Yeah, Pete it's rough...but it's a runner.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Year...2015...checking ahead...checking behind...

It's snowed in fact at Loon of my favorite spots for Back-country skiing,  there is more snow here now, than there was in February of 2014. This trip made a good test of my 'new' vehicle...a 1998 Honda Odyssey that I inherited from my sister...198 thousand miles and still running strong. Good timing, as my CB 550 has blown a head gasket...and my Karmann Ghia needs some TLC...and the Jeep...well I'll be amazed if I ever get a smog certificate completed on it...don't want to get started about that...

A rare 'selfie' Happy to be out in the snowy woods playing...

                                                                The Loon Lake Chalet 

Rick heading up the trail

The lake is pretty low due to the ongoing drought

But enough snow to actually use, unlike last year.

Our lunch stop

Looking back as I have lately, I'm not going to set any goals too high or worry about them much. This year ended very sister lost her husband of 38 years and her sons their father. It's been hard for the family to deal even though it wasn't the best of years for doesn't compare to what they have been going through these last several months...yeah.

so....loose plans are to wrap up some unfinished projects...the Hondas 350 and 500...tear the 550 apart and see what ails it besides a blown head gasket... and I did mention something in the last posting about a certain Triumph project of mine that goes way back. And of course dirt bikes...want to get back into it...and do a little amateur racing. Maybe attend a few motorcycle events, as in shows and swap meets...catch a few AMA events...and do more street riding this year.

With any luck we will get some more snow this winter and make a dent in the least have a few more inches to play in and loose a few's to a good year for all...keep on trucking folks.

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