Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Just a teaser...of DirtQuake USA stuff....

The man in the British Policeman's hat Anthony of Cobuilt...they build really nice motorcycles in England. You can follow them at cobuilt_anthony and cobuilt_geoff on Instagram. They also race flattrack in the UK in the DTRA series.

One of the reasons I haven't got around to posting more DQUSA pics, is my on-going turmoil... of the aftermath...of my smashed other words, been burning up vacation days to get some wheels under least the temps have dropped since I started this post last week...gonna top out at 87 degrees today...nice!  So, last week it was:

Sheeeeesh! It's 101 degrees in the shade at four in the afternoon here at the not ready to go back to work, topped out at 103 a bit after this...and now at seven it's just a paltry 87 degrees. Been wanting to get the whole DirtQuakeUSA posts done...but the still not resolved issue of coming up with some transportation to work thing....keeps rearing it's ugly head...

To make things more a moment of weakness I bought an old car...a !970 Karmann Ghia (see Dave...I spelled it right this time...)

They always look better at night....

First things first, a proper motorcycle oriented sticker to add to the collection of stickers it came with...

Since I started this post I've replaced the leaky "doughnuts" and other gaskets on the exhaust system, adjusted valves and timing, found some interesting "bodges" that would make John Muir of the "Complete Idiots guide to VW Maintenance" fame happy. He'd refer to fixes such as these as "Muldooning" honor of a friend famous for coming up with fixes that would get you down the road till later...This Hershey's can fix  that the previous owner Jack came up with will stay....this is where the "fresh air" tube slips quite well !

So, a few quick pics from DQUSA:

Here's "Casey", (I met him the night before as he and his friends came spilling out of the mosh pit of the Canadian band "Vicious Cycles")....I think he's cleaned some of the blood and mud off...for this portrait being taken by Michael Lichter...
Modern Triumph engine in a self-brewed nickel-plated,brazed (or bronze-welded) chromoly frame. He's currently building another one, you can follow him at Instagram as "Frankenstrange".
He used to race a Triumph Cub based speedway bike...with the transmission cut off. 

And yes, they raced "Choppers" even had a side car...Ladies and Gentlemen....I give you "Medievalean" !!

 Honda 750 Chopper with an Equalean sidecar mounted in a fixed positioning.

"Crewchief" aka my traveling companion Rick looks like he's not quite sure what to make of all of this...

You can imagine my relief to meet such a normal American couple.....

We'll be back with more pics from DQUSA....stay tuned....


  1. Gotta' love the poor man's Porsche.

    1. ...all my imaginary friends drive Porsche's...and I have made amends...

    2. ....Dialing for Dollars is trying to find me.....

  2. Good shit Laz . . . it's a Kar, mann !!

    1. Yep...and hopefully it's go-mann-go!....I have wheels again.

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