Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
Yeah, Pete it's rough...but it's a runner.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Some more Monkey business...a quick post going into the weekend.

Last weekend I paid another visit to The Vintage Monkey during an open Studio/Shop day. This is a steel 'Grapevine' sculpture that is going together for a show back on the East coast, and then to a local client's new business. The grape clusters are constructed to hinge open and have a space for electric lighting...

From some industrial steel remnants, a very heavy-duty 'sofa' project is coming together. It'll roll on very heavy duty recycled castors. 

A recycled shot of Shasta from an earlier post...

And again a look at her Triumph 250

Another view of the sofa...

A visiting metal fabricating artist came rolling up in his 38 Chev. Here it is, in parked mode. All late model running gear under that body...and it does scoot when the pedal hits the metal...

Always fun to shoot the breeze with Shasta and Tom, and see what's going on...on the other side of town. If you do the Instagram thang...check out ...thevintagemonkey5  and dreadedartist.    

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