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Pete and Laz
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Saturday, March 9, 2013


Another try at some mobile posting. Well sort of...I started this post with the phone and got two pics uploaded. Came back later and couldn't connect by phone...yet I am now tethered to the phone with the laptop and have connected. So technically this post is still via the phone. Guess I'll be making a trip to the phone store to sort this all out....)
The typing with my fat finger tip is getting a little easier.

Took some pics at work today of a little metal project .

Fabricating several  child proof vent covers. My awesome Milwaukee 18 volt sidewinder.

Watching the paint dry...

Nice old American made anvil.

Speaking of 'child-proof '.

About a dozen years ago I got tired of not being able to find hammers in the metal shop. So, I bought new ones and customized them. Funny, the pink hammers are still there.

We seem to have problems with things sprouting legs and walking away. We needed a wheelbarrow a few years ago for a project. I painted it pink and told my work partner it was now theft-proof. Well,he re-painted it blue and sure enough it disappeared. Told him he wasn't man enough for pink tools...

One of our trusty old lathes.

All of these pics were done with the new phone.  I'm starting to get the hang of using the camera. Haven't played with the video portion of it yet. I gotta admit it beats the old phone by a mile.

Looks like I'll be visiting my local friendly phone store to sort out why the phone is telling me 'I'm out of range' when I try to access certain parts of the web, yet let's me on Facebook and tether my lap top and allow full access. I hate it when my apps don't get till next time this is your mobile reporter signing off .


  1. Nice work on the pink bits mate, man-proof to the max . . . you're doing way better than I am with the nuovo mondo posting caper man, well impressed me is . . . the Galaxy is a brilliant tool and the camera bit kicks arse !!!

  2. maybe I won't need a trip to the phone store. Turn the phone on and off. Now things are working normal.I'm replying to your comment via the phone usingThe Voice recognition. Other than some punctuation mistakes, and a few other wrong words. It's actually learning to understand me. sometimes the mistakes are comical, and sometimes they are downright nasty hahaha uh.

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  4. The camera part of these new phones are cool....great for on the spot Kodak moments when no digi camera is at hand.

    1. Yeah Bodger, as I get more knowledgeable with mine, I have a feeling I'll be using the camera a lot. Doing posts with the phone is a bit tedious...but doable. For 'on the road' reporting It'll be the ticket I'm sure.

  5. I downloaded the Blogger app for my Android. It's awesome. I can quickly attach a pic from my phone add some text and post. If I'm away from internet connections, I can put a post together and publish when I'm back in civilisation.

  6. Hey Hermit, Getting to warmer climes yet? Thanks for the info...I believe the Samsung runs on the 'Droid platform (sounds like I know what I'm talking about-I don't!). I'll have to look into that. One thing at a time, right now I've got to learn how to retrieve voice mails and a half dozen other things.