Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
Yeah, Pete it's rough...but it's a runner.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's thursday, in the US, it's Thanksgiving day...

Got a 10 day stretch off from work, it's cold and damp so far. But the weather is looking up, no rain for several days in the latest forecast. Maybe I'll head up to the mountains, and with any luck find some ski-able snow.....but for now it's headed in the other direction to the Monterey area for Thanksgiving...

                           Where I'd like to be....Chipmonk Ridge ,near Loon Lake California.
                            Maybe later in the week...

                              In a few hours I'll be on Interstate 5, heading to the coast.
                              Hopefully a little sunnier than in this shot....

Been having a good time trying to organize my tools, parts and projects....all neglected for too long.

                              Got one of these in the garage, sorry about the out of focus pic.
                              Mine has a long way to go before it looks like this again.
                              Known as a 'Rocket' or 'Spitfire' Scrambler depending on the year.
                              Then I believe BSA confused the issue by using the 'Spitfire' name
                              during the Unit construction era... 

                              Been gathering up what cub parts I have, to mock up a Trials
                              build. This bike is close to what I'd like, minus the lighting bits.
                              Anyone out there got an engine for sale?


  1. Pete, that Beeza is my personal fave of their entire unit production lineup, the highsides, the tank, guards . . . bloody perfect, very few of them in Oz and all ex US I think, the wee Trumpy is also looking extremely cool, nice mods mate.

  2. Yeah, the unit Spitfires are nice. I lucked out finding the pre-unit bike for cheap a few years back....that's not my cub's one at a show in San Jose...mines still in the bits and bob stage. Should have a mock-up to post pics of soon.

  3. Hello Guys :D

    Same as Mr. WLP (again)
    We are waiting for your pics.

    Bye bye,