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Pete and Laz
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Monday, February 13, 2012

Frame table...Part Two

The research phase is over, (O.K. actually it's been over for awhile, been spending too much time over on the dreaded Facebook...looking at all the cool motorcycle pics over there.) That, and perusing cool motorcycle sites and blogs. I'll be adding some links soon, to a few sites I like.

That last post came about as I was having problems accessing my blog with my old 'log-in', but here we are again...???

After looking at various designs of frame tables and sketching up a few ideas, I believe I've come up with a plan of sorts. Going to use 2 inch square tubing, as it is readily available and seems to be the choice of material I've seen on quite a few designs.

As soon as I get my scanning equipment in order I'll add a sketch or two. I'm going to 'farm' out part of the work to a local continuation High School machine shop class, taught by a friend of mine. One of his students will be machining up the cones that will be part of the neck-holding fixture. I could do these myself on a lathe at work, but this will provide a student with a project. His class is one of the last such shops left in the local area. We have one other High School in our district that teaches metal work. As far as I know there are no longer any auto shop or wood shop classes. It's a real shame they let them go.

With all the talk of trying to bring manufacturing back to this country, it would seem that there would be a need to train future skilled workers for jobs at these plants. Oops! let me get off my soap box and leave this kind of discussion for elsewhere. (Support your local shop classes!).

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  1. I'm with ya on that Larry, good idea to have these kids trained on how to do it for in the future or it'll be a lost art type of thing.

    having this student do it will be good for him to work on something a little different than the "usual stuff" they teach in shop class.