Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Working just that, been working too much.Need to spend time in the "Shed".

 Woke up this morning and realized I have a ten day stretch off from work. The school district shuts down for the Thanksgiving holidays, and by taking two days vacation....I have a nice break from work. Slept in the first day. Check. Now where's that to-do list?  Fixed the big hole in the garage roof where the squirrels or rats or some other sharply toothed critters did their thing last winter. Check. Also sealed up all the cracks and tears in the carport roof. Check. Watching an animal documentary the other day, and learned the reason some rodents teeth are orange is because of the high iron content. This strengthens them up so they can chew through things. Yeah, like my roof.

Been looking forward to a stretch of time to work on the "shed". Really need to get in there and do a massive clean-up and sorting.

Going to dig out my 441 Victor gas tank, last seen on my BSA 650 as a test tank, from when I got it running years ago. Going to shoot some pics of it and get some measurements from it, for "Bodger" to use as reference for the paint job on his Victor. There is a link to Bodger's blog (Thrash'em Motorcycles) to the right. Bodger lives out in Texas.

Also going to find that Triumph pre-unit inner primary that is still attached to a transmission I saw laying out in the car port. Need to see if it will work for a project "Nomad" down in Southern California is putting together. I'll have to add a link to his site some time. He has a shop in Southern California. He works on a lot of Triumphs. He's also a surfer, and he's into the Southern California "Punk" Rock scene. He was a friend of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, the wild and crazy car customizer and father of the "Rat Fink".

And I need to construct a box to mail off a chopper seat to Alabama, to "Kustom Jeff". A link to his blog "What I See" also to the right , and down.

And see Mrs.BC....I really do own, a giant spark plug. No brag...just fact.
Now, those are two large male cats...not kittens.

For scale. That is an actual cylinder head for a 1978 Triumph 750.
Of course, the spark plug is just an advertising gimmick molded from plastic.

Going to try my hand at some art work and do some sketches and/or water colors of proposals for the Triumph projects...something preliminary...we will see.

Really looking forward to finally going through all my British stuff and getting it sorted so that I have some idea what I need to start on my Triumph projects. For now that will be a 1966 650 Unit, and a 1957 Triumph 650 Pre-unit which I have mentioned in a previous post. Say Kawa, is it time we got serious about starting that inter-blog "build-off" someone proposed....?


  1. Rodents with orange teeth.....giant sparkplugs...OMG....Cali seesm to have it all!!!

    Rodents with orange teeth, that does sound kinda weird. Can just imagine waking up and seeing a rat with orange chompers smiling at ya.

    Good to get the hole in the garage fixed before it lets in more of the elements along with the critters.

    Ten days off, must be nice. My new girly is off for the week as well. She's an elementary school teacher. At least one of us here gets to have some time off.

  2. Larry, I'll get a pic of the T120 as it is sitting in the basement, more or less the frame and engine, rest of the parts are in "boxes".....

  3. Sounds good Kawa. Hope your basement was dryer than some of the places my bikes have been stored in. So far, things are'nt looking too bad.